Policies and Procedures

Disclosure Policy

George Weston Limited is committed to providing timely and accurate dissemination of all material information in compliance with our legal and regulatory requirements. Our policy ensures that our shareholders and all parties in the investment community have timely and equal access to this information.

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Majority Voting Policy

The Board of Directors believes that each director should have the confidence and support of the shareholders of the Company. To this end, the Board has unanimously adopted this policy and future nominees for election to the Board will be required to confirm that they will abide by this policy.

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Code of Conduct

George Weston Limited and its subsidiaries are committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct and good corporate citizenship. All Weston employees, officers and directors are expected to conduct themselves ethically, lawfully, professionally and in compliance with the letter and spirit of the Weston Code of Conduct.

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Ethics Procedures and Response Line

George Weston Limited encourages the reporting of unethical behaviour and has established procedures for the anonymous receipt, retention and handling of complaints regarding accounting, internal controls and auditing matters. An Ethics Response Line (or "whistleblower" line), a toll-free number that any employee or director may use to report conduct which he or she feels violates the Weston Code of Conduct or otherwise constitutes fraud or unethical conduct has also been established.

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» Reports may be made to the Ethics Response Line anonymously at 1-800-594-1495.